Optrimax Plum Delite Testimonials

Nico Valen


Due to my mother’s consistent prodding, I took one Plum Delite with hesitation and irritation. I did not expect anything great to happen from it since I have been using a number of supplements which claimed to aid weight loss, but nothing worked for me.

After just the first Plum Delite, I was shocked that it helped me go to the bathroom early the next morning. Since then, I jokingly call Plum Delite my ‘alarm clock’ because it makes me so regular that I go directly to the bathroom once I wake up every morning.

My long term health concerns such as irregular bowel movements, constipation, low energy levels, being easily stressed out or fatigued, gradually improved. The most obvious result has to be my weight loss. I dropped 80 lbs (36kg) after 3 months of continually taking Plum Delite.

The best thing that came out of these improvements? Confidence. Achieving my ideal healthy weight has changed my life. Apart from the changes on the outside, the changes within are priceless.

I feel healthier, younger, and more confident that I will achieve all my other aspirations.

Paul Babiera


At first, I was just sold on the idea of detoxification with the product, as I wanted to relieve my body from all the bad things in it.

To my awe, after a week, I lost 10 pounds (4.5kg). And I felt great! After weighing myself and seeing the astounding results, it’s surprising that it can be true to its claim — NO DIETS, NO EXERCISE. My confidence in myself and the product soared, after I dropped 40 pounds (18kg) in 3 weeks!

I am a caterer and eventologist, and it takes great physical and mental effort as I’m the chef, designer and overall manager for all my events. I noticed that with Plum Delite, I’ve got a lot more energy!

After a 2 month programme, I’m proud to proclaim that as of 15 April 2013, I have lost a total of 60 pounds (27kg) and counting! My waist size plunged from 45 inches down to 36 inches. I was hypertensive and sickly before, and was plagued with constant knee pains because of my weight. Now, my blood pressure is back to normal and my knees don’t hurt anymore! Another great bonus is that I look and feel younger!

Rachel Guevarra


As a dentist, maintaining a healthy body appearance was important for my job. I enjoyed belly dancing as it was a great workout and while others might have felt shy at the thought of exposing their belly, I never felt that way, as my body gave me the confidence to ‘shine’.

However, a holiday of indulgence ruined my ‘shine’. Being aboard a cruise in Europe for 10 days, I ate heartily and soon I realised love handles were forming and my tummy was bulging out. I was horrified! The biggest embarrassment was that my colleagues thought my tummy was a sign of pregnancy! My confidence plunged…. and I made an impulsive decision which I regretted – Cancelling all my belly dancing performances for 3 months.

Knowing my desire to ‘shine’ again, a friend introduced the Optrimax Plum Delite to me. Within 2 weeks, the results were obvious! My bulging tummy flattened considerably, my love handles were gone and best of all, my waistline had slimmed down by a significant 3 inches! Such a BIG change from just a small plum per day! Encouraged, I have continued with the Optrimax Plum Delite to maintain my shapely figure.

Now, as a healthier and slimmer me, I feel more energetic and have returned to belly dancing. Receiving numerous compliments and applause from the audience has been an amazing experience I can once more ‘shine’, all thanks to Optrimax Plum Delite – Certainly a delight!

Irene Tan Swee Eng


In my younger days, my friends would describe me as the “pretty, svelte one”. But that changed 10 years ago when I fell ill. If they had to choose a word to describe me, it could only be “FAT”.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and after the surgery, I started ballooning rapidly. I gained 14kg, and my weight shot to 64kg. People also noticed that my illness took a toll on me… and my complexion had lost its radiance. That was the lowest point in my life.

After my cancer ordeal, I set my heart to regain my health. I knew that my weight gain wasn’t good for my health, and started taking Colostrum Delite, Plum Delite, Borage Seed Oil, Super EPA 2000 and PhosChol 565. I was pleasantly surprised that just by coupling them with healthier food choices, I managed to consistently drop 1 kg every month. Now, I continue taking Super EPA 2000 and Plum Delite to maintain my weight. I’ve reached my ideal weight of 55kg, and I’m glad I’ve gotten rid of the “Fat” tag.

What’s great is that with a healthy weight management plan, I didn’t have the “rebound weight gain” that many dieters experience. Now, I’ve regained my health and confidence, and I’m enjoying life to the fullest!

Koh Boon Tin


I’ve always had a slight bulge at my abdominal area. But I’ve grown to accept it, ignoring it as much as I can, until 4 years ago, things took a change for the worse. My tummy became bigger than ever. And I started to get terrible migraines. And the dizzy spells caused by my long-standing anemia, too, became worse, making my life all the more unbearable. On average, I would finish a box of pain-killers every week. I was so reliant on pain-killers that I developed an allergy to it. I could no longer take pain-killers. I didn’t know what to do.

I was having the worst of my migraine spells when I was introduced to Optrimax Plum Delite. Plum Delite changed my life! With the effective detoxification, my migraines went away. The bonus? My tummy flattened and I became lighter! I went from 60 kg to 50 kg in just 2 months, and had maintained the ideal weight since. All the benefits from just 1 plum a day, without any disruptions to my life! It’s simply amazing!

Angelo T. David


Being overweight was not just a ‘looks’ issue. What troubled me most was the immense fear of a premature death — because I knew I was responsible for providing for my family.

My ‘Ninong’ (Godfather) Dr Vicente realised how badly I needed to lose weight, and introduced Optrimax Plum Delite. I took one Plum Delite daily for 1.5 months, and tried to steer towards healthier food choices.

Everyone noticed the difference. I was always greeted with a ‘What happened to you?!?!?’ whenever I met my friends.

What I love about Plum Delite is that I was not deprived of food, and at the same time, I could enjoy the benefits of detox and manage my weight. It’s been 5 months now, and I’ve since cut down to taking Plum Delite to only twice a week, or after a heavy meal. I’ve been able to slowly shed a bit more, improve my health and I feel fantastic!

Florence Ng


I accepted the initial weight gain as a normal part of the aging after 50. But for the 2 years after that, the weight gain didn’t seem to slow down. It started to affect my life and self-confidence.

At my “peak”, I actually weighed 62kg, a monstrous weight for my height. To my horror, I had to wear XXL sizes. All my jeans transformed from my all-time favourite comfortable casual wear, to terrible apparels that accentuated my gigantic waist and fat thighs, making me feel like an over-stuffed dumpling, and I had to throw them all away. My weight problem even affected my family’s holiday plans as I simply refuse to go for winter getaways which will require many layers of clothes that will make me look even rounder. I just felt like a massive blob of fats. I tried all the latest diet fads, to no avail. It was so depressing!

Everything felt lost, until I tried Optrimax Plum Delite and Body Gel. 1 plum a day and gel application twice daily, huge improvements were observed in just one month. The fantastic quick results encouraged me to continue the therapy. In half a year, I lost 7kg! I can proudly wear my jeans again. Pants sizes have also dropped from 32 to 27.Since then, I maintained with an occasional intake of plums, especially after heavy meals, and gel application.

I’ve been using Optrimax products for 3 years now and they haven’t disappointed me. I felt my life renewed. Optrimax really does work without any hard work!

Lim Heng Hua


I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. I never gave much thought to my size until 6 years ago. I often felt fatigue and dizziness back then. Worried for my health, I went for a medical checkup. I was horrified when the doctor informed that I got diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and explained that my long-term overweight is a likely cause of it. A frantic weight-loss frenzy soon ensued. I tried so many diet supplements but none worked. I even tried medications that were supposed to suppress my appetite, but those didn’t work too. Furthermore, they were causing so many side effects. I still remember I would always get so nauseated after each dose. And when I can bear it no longer, I would stop and each time I would weigh even heavier than the last measurement. I was so disheartened!

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Optrimax Plum Delite and Body Gel that I felt I still had hope. The improvements in my bowel movements were instantaneous, and I could feel my tummy getting firmer within days of application of the Body Gel. Together with Foodphilo Colostrum Delite that helped to curb my hunger pangs, I managed to lose 6 kg in 2 months! I was surprised that I could do it at my age as I didn’t make major changes to my diet nor started exercising extensively! I felt lighter, more energetic and healthier. My life can never be better!

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